Sacred Menu Co-Creation & Coaching


Healing the body with nutrition is not just about mindlessly following a three step process that gets you where you want to go.  Food is deeply tied into our emotions, sense memories, and there is often a relationship between the foods we eat (or are addicted to) and the unwanted microbes and bacteria that survive on them!  Creating a “meal plan” (what I call Sacred Menu) is a powerful process of letting go and release, self-love, courage, and strength. By creating a sacred menu together, we are saying YES to bringing intimacy, connection, joy, passion, creativity, and fulfillment into our lives through food that truly nourishes our highest gifts and feeds our senses in all the ways we want it to. This is not a “diet” plan. This is a self-love through nourishment VISION.

These sessions are intended to support you in achieving your goals for health, healing, vitality, and pleasure!   My approach is not narrow in the sense that I offer a variety of different nutritional approaches depending on the nature of your needs on a physical, mental, and emotional level. There are many different strategies for getting you on point with your health!  Together we will discover which works best for YOU and your unique body-mind-spirit constitution.

Sacred Menu Co-Creation & Coaching  Includes shopping lists. 

1 week meal plan & two 1 hr. coaching calls = $400 total

2 week meal plan & three 1 hr. coaching calls = $625 
2 week meal plan, four 1 hr. coaching calls over a 1 month period, 1 weekly email/messenger check-in correspondence over a 1 month period = $770


2 Month Coaching Package w/ Sacred Menu Creation – $1,111

    • Three 1 hr. calls every month (6 coaching calls in total)
    • 3 week sacred menu meal plan co-creation
    • 5 day intestinal cleanse protocol with guidance and email/messenger check ins and support
    • On call text message support

To sign up for any of these coaching packages send me an email at and lets get the conversation rolling. Free 15-20 minute introductory call.