Holistic Lifestyle Coach

When you feel a calling to work with a holistic coach, it’s an invitation from your higher self to step into greater self-mastery and cultivation.  When you heed this call, your life begins to reflect your willingness to step forward into a higher quality of life for yourself.  Not everyone is ready to work with a coach, because a coach will lovingly help push you to your edge and invite you to grow. If you’re ready to grow and step into deeper cultivation, then working with a coach will exponentially accelerate your growth.

I work with men and women of all ages. Since I see health and cultivation as a holistic patterning. Our work together will involve some aspect of the body, mind and spirit. Depending on the individual and the unique circumstances, the focus may be more heavily weighed in one of these areas.

I help people who are struggling with immune-suppressant and digestive difficulties transform their lives and wellbeing through integrated wellness support of body, mind, and spirit. I utilize optimal nutrition, intuitive guidance, taoist principles and theories, and shamanic tools to help people feel empowered with the vitality and vigor they need to thrive.

Body Geared:

If working with the body, the focus of our sessions will be geared towards creating a holistic health path targeted to your particular issue. This could involve creating food and herbal protocols, lifestyle and self-care adjustments and setting goals for desired areas of cultivation. I will always integrate awareness of how the mind, emotions and spirit interact with and effect whatever body issue we are working with.

Mind, Emotions, and Spirit Geared:

If working with the mind, emotions and spirit, our time will be spent exploring the various thought patterns and beliefs that color your existence. Our focus will be on exploring where thoughts and beliefs have us feeling “stuck”, and using deep listening and tangible tools that will help you quickly shift. I will always offer ways that nourishing foods, herbs and activities for the body can help support any desired shift.

Success and Vision Geared:

If working with cultivating a clearer vision of success for your career and life-path, our focus will be on cultivating and honing your goals and intentions for your life. We help create a holistic lifestyle framework that supports your authentic vision for how you want to live and what you want to do.  Mind, body, spirit and emotions are all synergistically woven in to this process.

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  • Wellness Tools: Discover new wellness tools and which ones can best support you in achieving your optimal health. These could be everything from breathing exercises to supplements.
  • Wisdom Wellness: We tune in to the energetic, emotional, and psychological components behind your healing.
  • Nutritional Guidance: We discuss the nitty gritty of food – how to cultivate your sensitivity to which foods truly nourish you, how to eat for your dosha type (body type), and how to eat to support gut healing, immune system strengthening, and gentle detoxification.

Free introductory call! –

Individual sessions are $65. Sliding scale is offered for those experiencing financial difficulty.

2 Weeks (2 1 hr. coaching sessions) – $130   

                       1 Month (3 1 hr. coaching sessions) – $180   

     3 Months (9 1 hr. coaching sessions) – $497   

For free introductory session, send me an email at JenniferSisoian@gmail.com