Winter Coaching Special!

For the next month and a half I’ll be offering a 20% discount for all new sign-ups on my coaching services. Winter is all about slowing down.  It’s a great time to really get quiet with yourself and tap into your intuition. It can be a time of incredible transformation if you know how to harness it. I think it’s an especially good time to work with a coach, because it can also be a time of review and deeper inner inquiry.  In these winter coaching sessions you can:

  • Examine what has and hasn’t been working for you this past years in creating the lifestyle of your dreams
  • Find out which foods and herbs will support and strengthen you during the winter
  • Get clear on what you want to create in the coming year
  • Learn to listen to and trust your intuition
  • Do inner work while nature slows down

Offer goes until December 31st, and includes any sessions pre-paid for future months. To take advantage of this offer email me at or call 928-203-6407.

Are you ready to step into a greater level of self-mastery?  Do you want to feel good in your body, live the life of your dreams, and feel peace and equilibrium?

I love working with people who are ready to shift and transform their lives for the better.

Perhaps you need resources to help you improve your gut health and guidance on diet and lifestyle. It could be that you’re going through a period of depression or spiritual challenge and need some support to return to your center and find your truth.

The truth is that you are you’re own healer. As a coach, I help you tap back in to your inner strength, and give you some tools and insights along the way.

I see health and well being as a holistic patterning. Our work together will involve some aspect of the body, mind and spirit. Depending on the individual and the unique circumstances, the focus may be more heavily weighed in one of these areas.

Body Geared:

If working with the body, the focus of our sessions will be geared towards creating a holistic health path targeted to your particular issue. This could involve creating food and herbal protocols, lifestyle and self-care adjustments and setting goals for desired areas of cultivation. I will always integrate awareness of how the mind, emotions and spirit interact with and effect whatever body issue we are working with.

Mind, Emotions, and Spirit Geared:

If working with the mind, emotions and spirit, our time will be spent exploring the various thought patterns and beliefs that color your existence. Our focus will be on exploring where thoughts and beliefs have us feeling “stuck”, and using deep listening and tangible tools that will help you quickly shift. I will always offer ways that nourishing foods, herbs and activities for the body can help support any desired shift.

Success and Vision Geared:

If working with cultivating a clearer vision of success for your career and life-path, our focus will be on cultivating and honing your goals and intentions for your life. We help create a holistic lifestyle framework that supports your authentic vision for how you want to live and what you want to do.  Mind, body, spirit and emotions are all synergistically woven in to this process.


Ready to get started? Fill out the form below with a short message about why you’re interested in working together and I will get back to your within a day or two!


  • Wellness Tools: Discover new wellness tools and which ones can best support you in achieving your optimal health. These could be everything from breathing exercises to supplements.
  • Wisdom Wellness: We tune in to the energetic, emotional, and psychological components behind your healing.
  • Nutritional Guidance: We discuss the nitty gritty of food – how to cultivate your sensitivity to which foods truly nourish you, how to eat for your dosha type (body type), and how to eat to support gut healing, immune system strengthening, and gentle detoxification.

Individual sessions are $60. Sliding scale is offered for those experiencing financial difficulty.
For free introductory session, send me an email at