For the past ten years, I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.  Ten years ago, I began a powerful journey that would change my life forever.  My healthy living and spiritual journey began while I was in college, and I was getting constantly ill.  I was getting sick so often that it finally got to a point that I was ready for a change. I decided I would call up my mother, who has been a huge health inspiration for me, and she helped me get on some herbs and foods to better my health.

Overnight, I changed my eating habits and starting taking herbal supplements. Within a month I felt radically different.  Then I started taking regular yoga classes. It wasn’t soon after that I discovered the book The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. This was the first piece of spiritual literature that ever really penetrated deep into my core. From that moment on, my life changed rapidly and intensely. I devoured spiritual books and teachings, and let my life take on a whole new meaning and texture.

I left the acting program at my college, and began a journey of deep inner inquiry and self-reflection. I began practicing zen meditation and taiji and got into raw foods and energy healing. I embarked on a training with the Clayton College of Natural Health and completed a course in Herbalism. From there, I journeyed to the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, AZ where I interned in the kitchen, learning raw foods and practicing daily meditation.

I then worked for a year as an assistant at the Grace Grove Retreat Center in Sedona, AZ, learning the ins and outs of a Liver Gallbladder Flush and supporting people in their quest for healing. I took several trainings while living in Sedona, exploring every modality that called to me. This included Spiritual Response Therapy, BARS, a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, and Shamanic Training. During this time I also worked as a chef at a holistic addiction recovery center called The Sanctuary.

Last year I journeyed to Thailand to deepen my understanding of Taoist principles and theories, and undertook a training in Chi Nei Tsang, a form of Taoist abdominal massage at Mantak Chia’s renowned retreat and educational center, Tao Garden. Most recently, I completed my training with the Holistic Health Mastery Course. For me, health cultivation is a lifelong study and practice, and I am honored to not only practice it in my own life, but to support others in stepping into greater vitality and wellness.

My love for food and holistic nourishment extends into the catering work I do. I love cooking for retreats that are of a health-related or spiritual nature. Cooking is an extension of my creativity and something that brings me immense joy. I’ve been joyfully catering for a variety of retreats over the past 4 years.

Throughout this entire journey of health cultivation and study, I have maintained a passion for singing, writing and dance. My creative expression is a part of my life that keeps me feeling passionate and juicy.  I’ve been cultivating music for many years, and love to share my soul songs on the internet, in intimate intentional settings and concerts, and eventually through an album.

Thank you for sharing in this journey of wellness with me.

~ Jennifer




I have hired Jen to teach me to prepare raw foods and to educate me about Ayurvedic cooking.  What I received was so much more than cooking instructions. Our time together was filled with so much education about superfoods and creating an optimum diet of the highest integrity on so many levels … shortly into our work together I realized this was not just education and fun preparing foods.  Jen’s warmth and knowledge and potent foods facilitated shifting and healing for me on much deeper levels.  Once after she left, I even burst into waves of storyless sobbing, releasing sadness and old feelings, catalyzed by a super intense spirulina smoothie we had made.  And this is not the only time!  I always feel moved after our cooking sessions, having deep realizations about my relationship to food and self-nurturance, and the precious life forces that we ingest when we eat.  It has been magical working with her.  I whole-heartedly recommend her.

Sharon Loy, Animal Communicator, Sedona, AZ


Working with Jennifer is a Pure Organic Gift! Not only is the food a Gastronomical Journey of delight Jennifer is impeccable with everything she serves and her energy is always lovely gentle and amazing.. I highly recommend Jennifer for any party of 2 to 200… She will always be my first choice for my retreats and workshops and looking forward, my wedding…” –

Mary Finnerty SacredGatheringsandevents, Founder


Jen and David Henry provide the ideal space for a couples retreat…we got so much out of our retreat with them!  Wise beyond their years, these two offer a full healing package with their compassionate holding of space, incredible culinary delights, intention ceremony and island explorations.  They provided a personally designed retreat for us so that we ended our week with them feeling refreshed and empowered with clear intention–Mahalo Jen and David Henry!” – Lao