Ten years ago, I embarked on a journey of transformation. I can’t explain where it came from or why it happened, but something was sparked in me that made me question everything about the way I was living. I started to question what I ate, what I wore, what I believed, what I thought, who I was and why I’m here. I questioned the society I grew up in and the implications of that paradigm. I questioned my identity, what I prioritized, and the people I related to.

All of this deep inner inquiry was largely provoked by emotional, physical and spiritual struggles I was having at the time. I battled with depression and chronic health challenges. This journey of self-discovery led me on a path of powerful growth and change. I read Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth right around that time. Tolle’s teaching had a huge impact on my life and continue to be a guiding force for me.

Despite the fear and disapproval of the people around me, I chose an alternative path. I started waking up. Not because it was the cool or popular thing to do– in fact, it was incredibly lonely at first. But because it felt like the only thing to do. I was motivated by the knowing that I was moving towards a truer, more authentic existence. I pursued this through Zen, self-inquiry, raw foods, ayurveda, yoga, and many other modalities, ultimately just following the still small guiding voice towards liberation, health and joy.

My own journey inspired me to seek education in the world of nutrition and holistic health to discover natural ways of healing the body. I’ve taken many trainings over the years, studying at the Tao Center in Thailand, working at several retreat centers as a chef, facilitator, and assistant including Grace Grove, Tree of Life, The Sanctuary and others. I recently completed a Holistic Health Mastery program in coaching. I’ve been leading small private retreats around the world in places like Sedona and Hawaii. I’ve catered over 30 spiritual or holistic retreats over the years. I work with clients mostly over the phone to support them in their path of health and awakening.