Cultivate a healthy, nourishing relationship to your body, mind and spirit. Together we will explore pathways to nurturing healthy eating and lifestyle practices, mindful awareness & presence, and expansion of consciousness.

Areas covered include but are not limited to:

  • ~Support with creating and staying on track with a healing/healthy diet
  • ~Support to cultivate self-love and a positive body image
  • ~Guidance on cleansing and digestive healing and re-balancing
  • ~Mindful awareness practices
  • ~Guided meditations for healing and transformations
  • ~Support to find more clarity on meaningful purpose and direction in life

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Free Guide to Self-Care


8 rituals for nourishing your body, mind, and spirit.

What it Includes:

  • Self-massage practices
  • Essential oil uses
  • DIY skin care
  • Practices to soothe your nervous system

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Balanced Body Modules & Courses

2 week program specifically for individuals who are seeking support with gut-related issues, candida overgrowth, immune system suppression, fatigue, and weight imbalances. This anti-inflammatory dietary program is easy to incorporate, and will support the re-balancing of

your gut microflora.

What it Includes:

2 Week Meal Plan w/ Shopping Lists and Recipes

Digestive Wellness and Self-Care Video w/ Self-Massage How-to’s

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