Welcome to holistic living

A truly integrated journey to freedom, vitality, and inner alchemy.

At the deepest level, we are each essentially free, whole, and worthy.

We deserve to experience optimal health, joyful relationships, inner peace, & a true deep connection to our souls purpose.

But sometimes we just feel stuck, don’t we?

Sometimes it just feels like there’s too much in the way. Our fears of the futures, our memories of the past, toxins in our bodies, beliefs that we don’t even know we have about ourselves and the world around us….

We all have blindspots.

That’s why we need other reflections or “mirrors” in the form of people, and life situations to show us our blindspots.

I’m here to be a strong, loving, and patient mirror for you to discover the blindspots which are limiting you from experiencing the health, freedom, and love you deserve.

I help you get un-stuck.

I help you get to the roots of your conscious and subconscious beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, and eradicate dysfunction at the core. I also help you cultivate new pathways for health, balanced eating, and intuitive connection to your food.

All of this is done with the power of the heart.  That deep, resonant energy field which brings grace to all processes of transformation.

I offer one-on-one evolutionary soul coaching + vitality guidance.


Although I work a great deal with physical health through diet/nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle practices… my experience has shown me that when people are really motivated to change their health, they are usually going through a lot of other changes in their life.

This is why I offer mind-body-spirit coaching to help you make the connections you need to make to experience optimal health and to get more in touch with the truth of your being.

Start here.